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EA Sports Takes A Stand & Removes Ray Rice From Madden 15

Well that didn’t take long.

Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports

Even in the video game world, Ray Rice is now banished. Those down at EA Sports announced that they will be removing Rice from Madden 15 in their next update that will happen on Friday.

And Rice is not only being removed from the Ravens roster, but he’ll also not be available as a free agent since the NFL has suspended him indefinitely.

It appears that nearly everyone has taken a stand against Rice and won’t tolerate the actions that they all witnessed on video.

In the grand scheme of things, removing Rice from a video game isn’t that big of a deal, but it is a good sign that shows almost everyone won’t tolerate domestic violence. Some may think that the NFL and all involved are just making an example of Rice, while I think that the man is getting what he deserves.

I do believe in giving people second chances. I just don’t think Rice is ready for that second chance just yet. He needs to earn it.

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