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Great Day For Madden Fans – Sherman Wins The Cover & A New Trailer!

Friday was a great day for Madden Nation.

Joe Nicholson/USA TODAY Sports

To start off the day, gamers went crazy for the new Madden NFL 15 trailer that showed off more of the gameplay features and the improved graphics. And if you didn’t hear already, Colin Kaepernick will also be the first player ever, and the only player in Madden 15, to have his tattoos showcased on his player. See the picture below.

And to cap off the day, it was announced on ESPN that Richard Sherman won the vote by the fans to be on this year’s cover, beating out Cam Newton. Somewhere Pete Carroll is praying to whatever God he prays to, begging that Sherman doesn’t fall to the Madden curse.

If there was even the slightest doubt that I wasn’t going to buy the game this year in hopes of being more productive with my time, it’s all gone now. I know the new trailer didn’t reveal that much about the gameplay features, but I think it was the final line in the trailer about making a name for yourself that really got me. Because we all know no one ever reads the byline of my posts, so let me just quickly introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Nick and this trailer just made me shit myself.

I fall for marketing every time. Dammit.

H/T: Operation Sports

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