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Matt Leinart Posts Picture From The Glory Days

It’s not even Thursday and Matt Leinart is throwing it back to the good ol’ days.

Timothy T. Ludwig/USA TODAY Sports

Leinart posted a picture to his Instagram account that is from his 2004 championship season and features himself, Matt Cassel, Brandon Hance and John David Booty.

It must’ve been hard for Leinart to stomach once he realized he couldn’t hack it in the NFL after some record setting years at USC.

It must be even harder to look at that picture and realize that the most successful of the bunch was his backup, Matt Cassel, who’s still in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings.

I wonder if it was after he made the Dish TV commercial that he really started to think about his days at USC. It wouldn’t surprise me if he missed it so much that he took intermediate ballroom dancing in order to still be considered a student.

H/T: Instagram

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