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4 Ekrin Athletics Massage Guns To Help With Recovery

4 Ekrin Athletics Massage Guns To Help With Recovery

Recover faster with a percussion massage gun from Ekrin Athletics. Founded in 2019 by former collegiate athletes, this innovative fitness company offers a fantastic line of massagers for deep muscle treatment. Perfect for maximizing performance potential, you can use these percussive massagers before, during, or after training to treat sore muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent injury.

Find the right Ekrin massage gun

With a variety of different models from which to choose, it’s easy to find an Ekrin Athletics massage gun that fits your unique needs.

What is percussive massage therapy?

In music, the percussion section includes any instrument played by striking with a stick or hand — think drums, cymbals, and bells. Percussive massage works similarly. This rhythmic massage technique uses fast striking movements along with vibration to penetrate muscles for a deep tissue massage. However, unlike traditional massage techniques that rely on manual touch, a massage gun is used to give percussive massages.

Benefits of percussive therapy

Whether you use your percussive massage gun as a pre-workout muscle warmup or after training to help muscles recover faster, these devices are great for any athlete. They can alleviate muscle soreness, improve circulation and flexibility, and even help you relax.

Reduce muscle soreness

The worst part of any workout happens the following day when it’s suddenly hard to get out of bed. With percussive therapy, you can speed up muscle recovery and soothe post-workout muscle stiffness. While research is still being done, studies show that vibration therapy can even help reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS.

Increase circulation

Percussive therapy is excellent for your blood flow and circulation. The pulsations and vibrations of a percussive massage gun help get the blood moving and redistribute lactic acid, improving muscle recovery. Good circulation is also essential for reducing muscle tension and inflammation, allowing your body to heal more quickly after training.

Improve mobility

Research has shown that warming up your muscles pre-workout with percussive therapy helps increase your range of motion. Post-exercising, percussive massagers help distribute fascia that builds up during repetitive movement. This thickened fascia fluid is the cause of many people’s stiff necks and shoulders.


One of the most significant benefits of massage is the relaxation it brings. A percussion massage gun is an excellent tool for relieving stress as it can allow you to refocus your energy on caring for your body. A good night’s rest is also essential to recovery after any strenuous activity. You can relax and sleep better by applying percussive therapy to your muscles.

Understanding massage guns

When comparing massage guns, it helps to understand how percussive technology works. Using a hammer-like motion, the massager applies quick pulses of pressure to the targeted location. This pulse is directly impacted by the massager’s force, speed, and amplitude.


The force of your massage gun is measured in pounds of force. Most massagers have an adjustable force, with lower force settings for a lighter massage and higher settings for a deeper and more targeted massage. You’ll also want to check the stall force, which designates how hard you can press the massager to your body without stopping.


Your massage gun’s speed, which is measured in repetitions per minute, indicates its efficiency. Massage guns with adjustable speed settings allow you to adjust the intensity of the massage. For example, with sensitive muscle groups, it’s best to use a lower speed, but you can turn up the intensity for a satisfying, deep massage.


Amplitude is how deep your massage gun penetrates soft tissue. Too shallow, and the massager is less effective for loosening fascia and muscle fibers, but too deep, and you can risk injury. Ekrin Athletics massagers reach 12mm below the skin’s surface for a “just right” massage.

How to choose a massage gun

With so many models of massage guns to choose from, plus multiple brands like Ekrin Athletics, Hypervolt, and Theragun, it can be hard to choose. Most importantly, a good percussive massager needs an amplitude of at least 12mm to penetrate deep enough to get all the benefits of this type of massage. Otherwise, look at battery life, noise level, and quality to help compare massage guns.

Battery life

You want your massage gun to have a long battery life so it’s ready when you want to use it and won’t die in the middle of a session. All Ekrin Athletics massagers have at least a five-hour battery life, so they’re always ready when you need them.


Loud massagers can irritate those around you and prevent you from fully relaxing during your massage. Instead, look for massage guns with noise-reducing technology and check reviews to see if others have found the product to be noisy. At around 60 decibels, Ekrin Athletics massagers are only as loud as a normal conversation.


For a massage gun that will last, you want to choose a high-quality model with a lifetime warranty, such as those from Ekrin Athletics. With comfortable ergonomic designs and multiple removable massage heads, their massagers can offer relief for years to come.

Where to buy Ekrin Athletics massage guns

There are two places online where you can purchase Ekrin Athletics massagers. The first is on the company’s website, Not only can you easily compare all of their models, but they also have a helpful education section about percussive massage. You can also find Ekrin massage guns on Amazon, where you can use your Prime benefits or Amazon gift cards.

The best massage guns from Ekrin Athletics

From the groundbreaking original B37 massage gun to the new 365, Ekrin Athletics has a percussive massager for everyone.

1. Ekrin Athletics B37S Massage Gun

For serious athletes looking for professional-grade performance, the B37S has everything you need and more. Based on the bestselling B37 model, the B37S offers 30% more power at speeds 1-3 for 36 to 56 pounds of force. The other main upgrade from the B37 is a reactive force sensor that conveniently displays how much pressure is being applied for maximum control over your massage.

The B37S comes with six attachments to fully customize your massage experience and target different muscle groups. The flat attachment is perfect for general use, the bullet helps you pinpoint knots or massage the hands and feet, and the cone is ideal for targeting tender or bony areas because of its soft silicone tip. There are also two round attachments. One is made from silicone for massaging sensitive areas, and the other is foam, which is excellent for general use over large muscle groups. Finally, the fork attachment is specially designed to treat the spine and neck safely.

As Ekrin’s premium model, the B37S is exceptionally high-quality, with the specs to prove it. It has an impressive stall force of 56 pounds and a battery life of up to eight hours. Powered by an ultra-quiet brushless motor, it offers five optimized speeds and a variable frequency so you can target both sensitive and strong muscles to best aid in recovery.

This premium percussive massager comes in a sturdy carrying case with designated spots for all the attachments and the charger, making it easy to bring along to the gym. It’s also ergonomically designed with a 15-degree angled handle that minimizes wrist fatigue. Plus, it’s more affordable than similar models from competitors like Theragun and Hypervolt.



2. Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

As the massage gun that put Ekrin Athletics on the map, the B37 percussion massager offers a genuinely transformative massage for anyone seeking the benefits of percussive therapy. However, don’t be deceived by the B37’s simplistic design. This massager is incredibly easy to use with a one-button interface and doesn’t sacrifice function and durability for flashy screens or Bluetooth.

Interchangeable attachments come with the Ekrin Athletics B37 to provide the best variety of massages possible with this machine. The flat attachment is great for all-around percussive massage, the bullet targets knots, the round foam head feels great on large muscle groups, and the fork is designed for massaging near the spine.

Utilizing a professional-grade brushless motor wrapped with high-grade soundproofing insulation, this massager is surprisingly quiet yet offers plenty of power. It weighs 2.2 pounds, which is relatively average for these types of massagers, but considering the high-quality built-in Samsung battery, it’s pretty light. Combined with an ergonomic 15-degree angled T-shaped design, this massager is comfortable to hold for long periods and easily reaches most regions of the body during self-massage.

Using the B37 massage gun is simple. All you have to do is turn it on and glide the massager up and down the targeted muscle. Speeds 1-3 are ideal for muscle recovery, while speeds 4-5 are perfect for pre-workout warmups. Although it feels great, you want to avoid overuse and not exceed 15 minutes per session. All you need is 30 seconds for muscle activation or two minutes for pain relief and recovery.



3. Ekrin Athletics 365 Massage Gun

Percussive massage isn’t just for athletes! With user-friendly features, such as an extended, thinner handle compared to the original models and a TouchSense control panel, this model is perfect for everyday people looking to fulfill their home wellness needs. Simply put, the Ekrin Athletics 365 is perfect for massage therapy 365 days a year.

As with all Ekrin massagers, the attachment heads are purposefully selected to best suit 365’s capabilities. As seen with other models, the 365 comes with classic flat and fork attachments for overall use and safe spine and neck massage, respectively. However, they’ve also chosen to include two silicone heads, one cone-shaped and one round, for a softer, beginner-friendly massage.

The easy-grip design feature allows for maximum usability, whether or not you’re familiar with percussive massagers. Plus, it weighs only 1.7 pounds, making it easier to maneuver and hold for the entire length of your massage. The 365’s user-friendliness doesn’t end there. Functioning like a touchscreen, the TouchSense control panel allows you to adjust your speed with a simple tap.

Although it has a lighter-weight construction, the 365 doesn’t sacrifice functionality. As an entry-level massage gun, the 365 offers more amplitude and a higher stall force than most competing models from other brands. It also features a reactive force sensor which shows you when you’re about to reach max force for each speed — a feature that’s usually only included in high-end models.



4. Ekrin Athletics BANTAM Massage Gun

Are you looking for a massage gun you can use anywhere? The travel-sized Ekrin Athletics BANTAM massage gun offers deeply transformative percussive massage in a smaller package. Perfect for athletes on the road, gym-goers, and even cubicle workers, this little massager is a scaled-down version of the Ekrin B37.

Unlike travel-size massagers from other brands, the BANTAM has four different massage heads for customizing your massage. These attachments are all of equal quality to other Ekrin Athletics models and include flat, fork, and bullet attachments in hard plastic, as well as a soft silicone ball for bony areas.

Regarding the BANTAM’s specs, its size stands out the most. This portable massage gun weighs just over 1 pound and is approximately 6 inches tall, so that you can take it anywhere. Despite its small size, it maintains the ergonomic benefits of the brand’s larger models with a 15-degree tilted handle. It may not have the stroke length and stall force of a full-sized massage gun, but it’s powerful enough for regular use. Speed-wise, it matches up to the premium B37S model.

Not only is the BANTAM massage gun small yet powerful, but its accessories also make it even easier to travel with. It comes in a sleek double-zipper travel case that’s well crafted to fit the massager and all of the attachments. Charging is also easy with a fast USB-C charging cable, so you can genuinely take the BANTAM everywhere you go.



Whether you’re a professional athlete or have sore shoulders from working on a computer, there’s a massage gun from Ekrin Athletics that will help you recover with percussive therapy.

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