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American League Championship Series (ALCS)

A*mer*i*can League Cham*pi*on*ship Se*ries

What Is The Definition Of The American League Championship Series (ALCS) In Baseball?

The American League Championship Series, or ALCS, is the final round of the American League playoffs that determines the winner of the American League Pennant. The American League Pennant winner is considered the best team in the American League.


When Was The First ALCS Played?

The American League Championship Series was first played in 1969 when it was a best-of-five series played between the East and West division winners. In 1984, it changed to be a best-of-seven series.

How Does The ALCS Work?

The American League Championship Series is a seven-game series between the winners of the American League Division Series (ALDS), where the first team to four wins is crowned the American League Champion. The American League Championship Series winner then advances to the World Series to play against the National League Championship Series (NLCS) winner in a best-of-seven series. 

Where And When Are The ALCS Games Played?

The first two games take place at the home stadium of the higher seed, which is the team with the better record in almost every case. After these two games on back-to-back nights, the teams are afforded an off day to travel to the lower seed’s home stadium. The next two games are played there, on back-to-back nights. 

If neither team has acquired four wins yet, the next game occurs that next night at the lower team’s stadium, bringing the total to three games in a row at the lower seed. Then the teams enjoy another off day to travel back to the original site. The next two games are hosted by the higher seed once more on an as-needed basis until one team reaches four wins.

The only instance in which the better record does not host first would be in the odd case that:

  1. The wild card bests the divisional leader and; 
  2. The wild card has a better record than their opponent in the ALCS.

The AL wild card is restricted to hosting second in the ALCS and ALDS.

How Does The ALCS Fit Into The MLB Playoffs?

The two teams who won their American League Division Series play in the best-of-seven American League Championship Series. This penultimate stage determines who will represent the American League in the World Series.

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1. And Rivera gets the batter swinging, sending the Yankees to yet another ALCS.

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1. Baseball

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