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ap*pa*ra*tusWhat Is An Apparatus In Gymnastics? Definition & Meaning On SportsLingo

What Is The Definition Of Apparatus In Gymnastics?

1. Apparatus refers to any of the major pieces of equipment used during a gymnastics event. The name of the apparatus is also used to describe the event itself.

How Many Apparatus Are There In Gymnastics?

There are eight total apparatus used in gymnastics.

For women’s events, only four are used:

  1. Vault
  2. Uneven bars
  3. Balance beam
  4. Floor

For men’s events, six are used:

  1. Vault
  2. Parallel bars
  3. Pommel horse
  4. Horizontal bar
  5. Floor
  6. Rings

Example Of How Apparatus Is Used In Commentary

1. Laurie Hernandez fell off the balance beam during her warmup. Hopefully, she won’t repeat it during competition, as a fall from the apparatus would result in a full point deduction.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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