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Arch Position

arch po*si*tion

What Is The Definition Of Arch Position In Gymnastics?

1. An arch is a type of position in gymnastics which requires the upper and lower parts of the body to be curved backward, with arms and legs stretched out. This creates a convex shape in the front of the body.

When Is The Arch Position Used In Gymnastics?

The arch position is frequently used in order to complete skills in gymnastics. For example, it is used to assist in a kip on the bars, and can be incorporated into a floor routine to make dance moves appear more extended.

What Is The Difference Between The Arch And Hollow Positions?

The arch position requires the body to be curved back with the abdomen stretched out. The arms and legs stretch back to create a convex shape.

The hollow position is the opposite of the arch. The body is curved forward, and the abdomen is contracted inward. With the arms and legs forward, this creates a concave shape.

How Do You Do An Arch In Gymnastics?

To do an arch, the gymnast should arch their back with the chest forward and open. Raise the arms above and behind the head, and stretch the legs back while keeping the feet together.

Many gymnasts first practice this move by laying flat on their stomach while lifting their head, arms, and legs up off the ground.

Example Of How Pike Position Is Used In Commentary

1. Sanne Wevers‘ balance beam routine features two arch jumps shortly before the dismount.

Sport The Term Is Used In

1. Gymnastics

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