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What Is The Definition Of Audible In Football?

1. An audible is when the quarterback of a football team quickly changes the play or formation at the line of scrimmage.

On offense, the quarterback calls an audible, or new play, at the line of scrimmage which is different than the play called in the huddle, after surveying the defense. The quarterback will analyze the defense before snapping the ball, and if he feels that the defense has an advantage over the play that was originally called in the huddle, he will change the play with an audible. It is then that he will call out a play to his players along the line of scrimmage, wide receivers and backfield.

On defense, the middle linebacker usually calls out an audible if the defensive side needs to make a change. It takes place after the team huddle, but before the snap. However, when commentators, players, or fans talk about audibles, they are usually talking about audibles called by the quarterback.

Audibles are usually yelled out, but can also be called by using hand signals. 

Why Is It Called An Audible In Football?

The original meaning for audible basically means “to be heard or capable of being heard”. This translates over to football as when the quarterback decides to change the play at the line, they must shout the new play and instructions to all his teammates, so in essence, the quarterback must “be heard” if the players all want to be on the same page regarding the new play.

What Are The Best Times To Call An Audible?

Audibles are most effective when defenses line up to blitz the quarterback, the defense does something unexpected at the line of scrimmage, or when the quarterback realizes that he should run a safer play than planned. They require players and teams to show mental and physical agility in high pressure situations. 

What Is A Benefit To Calling An Audible?

Other than surprising the opponent, audibles can help teams prevent huge plays by the opponents, limit sacks, protect the quarterback, and keep possession of the ball. Audibles usually favor the team that called it in the first place.

Examples Of How Audible Is Used In Commentary

1. Manning comes to the line, notices a change in the defense and immediately calls an audible.

2. Manning goes under center and sees that the defense is set to drop back into zone, therefore audibles to a running play.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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