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Automatic First Down

au*to*ma*tic first down

What Is The Definition Of Automatic First Down In Football?

1. This is occurs in American football as a result of certain penalties that are called against the defensive team. After a defensive team commits a certain penalty (such as pass interference), the offensive team will receive an automatic first down, even if the result of the penalty does not take the ball past the first down marker.

For example, if it is 1st-and-10 and defensive pass interference is called five-yards past the line of scrimmage, the offense will automatically receive a first down, instead of it being 2nd-and-5.

Some penalties that result in an automatic first down, are as follows:

1. Pass interference
2. Roughing the passer
3. All personal fouls
4. Roughing the kicker

Examples Of How Automatic First Down Is Used In Commentary

1. Rodgers unleashes a hail mary on 3rd-and-28 and it falls incomplete. However, he is hit well after the throw and will be rewarded an automatic first down as a result of the penalty for roughing the passer.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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