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What Is The Definition Of Backhand?

What Is A Backhand In Tennis?

1. This is a stroke, in tennis or any other racket sport, where the palm of the hand holding the racket faces the body and moves from the side of the body opposite of the hand holding the racket and moves forward.

What Is A Backhand In Baseball?

1. This is a catch in baseball where the player brings the glove across their body and has the palm of the glove facing the ball.

Examples Of How Backhand Is Used In Commentary

1. Williams returns the ball with a strong backhand, scores a point and wins the match.

2. The shortstop fields the ball cleanly with a backhand and fires a strike to first base for the out.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Tennis
2. Baseball
3. Badminton

Also Known As:

1. Backhand Catch (Baseball)

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