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Backwards K (Strikeout)

back*wards k

What Is The Definition Of Backwards K (Strikeout)?

1. This is used in baseball to note when a player strikes out looking. In other words, the batter does not swing the bat and is called out on strikes.

Fans, television media, and some scorekeepers use the backwards K to help keep track of strikeouts where a batter is caught-looking.

Examples Of How Backwards K (Strikeout) Is Used In Commentary

1. The fans in the upper deck will add another backwards K to their lineup, as Gooden catches that batter looking with strike three.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Backwards K (Strikeout)

During the 1980s, New York Mets fans started the tradition of placing signs with the letter K, and also a backwards K to help keep track of Dwight Gooden’s strikeouts during a game. Today during many games that feature a power pitcher, fans still post the strikeout signs.

Although Mets fans were known to post the K signs, many are still unsure if this is the first instance of the use of the backwards K. However, the person who is responsible for using K as the abbreviation for strikeout is sportswriter and statistician, Henry Chadwick.

Why Do They Use Backwards K for Strikeout?

It is said that when Chadwick created the use of “K” for strikeout, it is because the letter K is the most prominent letter when pronouncing the word strike. Therefore, it was easier for him to track the type of strikeout for when a batter was called out swinging with the use of a regular “K”, and a backwards K when they were caught looking in the stat sheet.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Known As:

1. K
2. Strikeout
3. Caught-Looking

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