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What Is The Definition Of Balk In Billiards?

1. Balk, also known as balk space, is a certain area on a billiards table created by one or more balklines. In balklines billiards, there are eight balks. The term is typically used in British games and referred to as the kitchen in the game pool.

Balks may also refer to the area across the table near the bottom end, in a horizontal manner. This imaginary line is where a cue ball is placed to break the game, lagging to decide who starts the game, and other actions take place. Balks are not typically used during games. 

Depending on the game being played and the type of table being used, the location, size, and look of the balk varies.

Example Of How Balk Is Used In Commentary

1. At the US Open in Las Vegas, we see Billy Thorpe and Max Eberle each setting a ball on the balk to determine who will be taking the breaking shot this match.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

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