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What Is The Definition Of Balkline In Billiards?

1. Balkline refers to a straight line drawn on a billiards table that extends from one rail across the table to the same spot on the opposite rail. There are four lines drawn (two running side-to-side and two running up-and-down), with the marked areas on the table called balk spaces. These lines are used for a type of game called balkline billiards.

Balklines were implemented to make the game more challenging. In balkline billiards, players can only score a limited number of points on a turn when the object balls are in balk spaces.

Examples Of How Balkline Is Used In Commentary

1. Fisher often played balkline billiards in her early training, and it’s clear that it’s helped her to develop superior precision as a competitor.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Billiards

Also Seen As:

1. Balk Line

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