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Ball Back

ball back

What Is The Definition Of Ball Back In Rugby?

1. Ball back is when the ball has gone out of bounds and is put back into play. This typically takes place via a scrum, line-out, or quick throw.

What Are The Out-Of-Bounds Lines Called in Rugby?

The out-of-bounds lines in rugby are called touchlines. If these are the touchlines behind their goal, they are called touch-in-goal lines.

What Constitutes An Out Of Bounds Ball?

A ball would be considered out of bounds in the following situations:

Why Would A Ball Be Deliberately Kicked Into Touch?

As a team defending an attack on your goal from the opposing team, you can kick the ball into touch as a defense strategy. It stops play and if the kick is made within your own 22-meter line, causes the ball back to occur where the ball crossed the touchline as opposed to where the ball was kicked from. This allows the defense to knock the attack back.

Example Of How Ball Back Is Used In Commentary

1. James Lowe sprinted with the ball down the left touchline but managed to avoid a ball back by staying inside of the line.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

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