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Baltimore Chop

bal*ti*more chop

What Is The Definition Of Baltimore Chop In Baseball?

1. The Baltimore chop is a ball that is hit sharply down in front of home plate, that produces a high bounce in the infield. This type of “chop” goes so high, that it gives the batter a chance to earn an infield single by beating out the throw to first due to the high bounce and the fielder having to wait for the ball to fall back down.

Why Is It Called Baltimore Chop?

It is said that the term was named after the Baltimore Orioles of the dead-ball era. The team was known to try tricky plays in order to gain an advantage, such as having the grounds crew mix clay in with the dirt in front of home plate. The crew would then not water the dirt, therefore causing the area to become rock hard and a strong surface for a ball to bounce high off of.

Example Of How Baltimore Chop Is Used In Commentary

1. Lofton slashes down a Baltimore Chop that goes over the pitcher’s head, making it easy for him to leg out the infield single.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

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