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Basket Interference

bas*ket in*ter*fer*ence

What Is The Definition Of Basket Interference In Basketball?

1. Basket interference in basketball is a violation that occurs when a player does any one of the following:

A defensive player or an offensive player can be called for basket interference. If a defensive player is called for the violation, then the offensive team is awarded the points. If an offensive player is called for the violation, then no points are awarded and the possession of the ball is given to their opponent.

The one exception for when an offensive player is allowed to place their hands within the cylinder is when they are dunking the ball. The player is allowed to momentarily place the ball within the cylinder, in addition to hanging on the rim for a short amount of time without being called for basket interference.

Example of How Basket Interference Is Used In Commentary

1. Green goes up the tip-in, but touches the ball while it’s still over the cylinder and is whistled for a basket interference.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Basketball

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