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What Is The Definition Of Battery In Baseball?

1. This is a term that is used to describe the combination of the pitcher and the catcher (on one team), usually the combo who are in the game.

Examples Of How Battery Is Used In Commentary

1. And the battery to start the game tonight will be Wainwright on the mound and Molina behind the plate.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Battery

The pitcher and catcher are considered a single unit while in a game. The term “battery” was first coined in the 1860s by Henry Chadwick, a sports statistician and historian. Chadwick compared the “firepower” of a team’s pitching staff to that of the artillery batteries that were used in the Civil War. The term later evolved to include the catcher.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

Also Known As:

1. Batterymates
2. Batterymen

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