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What Is The Definition Of A Beanball In Baseball?

1. This is a pitch that is intentionally thrown at the batter with the purpose of hitting him. Many times, a beanball will be thrown at a batter’s head. Depending on if the pitcher has thrown at a batter before in the same game or if the pitcher has received a warning from the umpire earlier in the game, the pitcher may be ejected for intentionally throwing a beanball.

A pitcher who is known for throwing beanballs is often referred to as a headhunter.

Examples Of How Beanball Is Used In Commentary

1. The pitcher became frustrated with the attitude the batter had during his last at-bat, so he thew a beanball at him to send a message.

2. The pitcher beans the team’s best batter since they had beaned his team’s best hitter the previous inning. The umpire ejects the pitcher for the intentional beanball.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Beanball

In some instances, it may be to the pitcher’s advantage if they are known as a beanball pitcher, or headhunter. The batter may be reluctant to get comfortable in the batter’s box, or close to the plate, if the pitcher is known to throw at their opponent’s head in order to control the area around the plate.

This is even more true after a pitcher has given up a home run, as the pitcher may intentionally throw at the next batter’s head in retaliation for giving up the home run. Because of this, a beanball tends to clear the benches and start fights between the opposing teams.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Also Know As:

1. Bean

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