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What Is The Definition Of Berm In Cycling?

1. A berm is an embankment on a BMX or mountain biking track.

Riders use berms to add or maintain speed around a corner and to change directions quickly. Therefore, berms are steepest when riders turn sharp and fast.

How Do You Ride A Berm?

Beyond other turning considerations, riders need to pay attention to choosing their line and how they’re leaning. Riders should enter a berm wide and exit at a low point. How riders lean depends on how fast they’re going and the steepness of the berm.

What Is The Point Of A Pump Track?

A pump track is designed with a series of berms and rollers to maximize a rider’s momentum. 

How Do You Make A Berm For Cycling?

Building a berm is an advanced trail-building skill. Essentially, you sculpt the land using garden tools such as a shovel, rake, and hoe. You want to ensure that the berm will be in an appropriate location and have a ridable turn radius. 

Example Of How Berm Is Used In Commentary

1. BMX rider Ryan Nyquist pumped around the berm to pick up speed for the next feature on the track.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

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