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Black Flag

black flag

What Is The Definition Of Black Flag In Motorsports & Car Racing?

1. In IndyCar and NASCAR races, the solid black flag signals that a driver must go to the pits, either as a penalty for disobeying the rules (like failing to maintain a minimum speed) or to address a potentially dangerous problem with their vehicle (such as leaking fluid or a dragging bumper). The driver may return to the track after either completing a drive-through penalty (traveling the length of the pit lane at a reduced speed) or having the vehicle issue addressed by their pit crew.

In FIA International series, the solid black flag signals that a driver has been disqualified from the race. The driver’s car number is displayed at the finish line for clarification.

Examples Of How Black Flag Is Used In Commentary

1. The black flag has been pulled on Harvick following the appearance of a loose bumper, so the number 4 car will need to pull into the pit lane immediately.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsports & Car Racing

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