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Body Check

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What Is The Definition Of Body Check In Hockey?

1. A body check in hockey is when a player uses their hips or their body to make contact with an opposing player. This is a legal move when the player who is applying the body check does it in a way where they are trying to separate their opponent from the puck. In addition, the player applying the body check can only use the trunk of their body and their shoulders, and they must hit their opponent above the knees and below or at their shoulders.

When applying a body check, if the player leaves their feet, then they can be subjected to a penalty. The player must stay grounded and may not target the head.

Body checks are commonly applied to players when they are along the boards.

Example Of How Body Check Is Used In Commentary

1. Lindros delivers a lethal body check, sending the player flying into the boards.

Also Seen As:

1. Body Checking

Also Known As:

1. Hit

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Hockey

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