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Bunny Hop

bun*ny hop

What Is The Definition Of Bunny Hop In Cycling?

1. A bunny hop is a technique used to avoid obstacles where both wheels leave the ground.

Although it’s primarily seen in mountain biking, a bunny hop is possible on any bicycle. This fun trick can save racers from potential crashes.

How Do You Bunny Hop?

It’s easiest to bunny hop when the rider starts at a cruising speed. Then, the rider will lift the front wheel of their bike. When the front wheel is in the air, the rider will shift their weight forward to bring the back wheel up and over the obstacle.

How Do You Jump A Curb On A Bike?

The best way to jump a curb on a bicycle is to bunny hop.

Is Bunny Hopping Bad For Your Bike?

A bunny hop shouldn’t damage your bike as long as it’s well maintained. Bunny hopping to avoid obstacles instead of hitting them head on may prevent a punctured tire or a bent rim.

Example Of How Bunny Hop Is Used In Commentary

1. Peter Sagan bunny hopped to jump a curb without losing speed.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Cycling

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