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butt end*ing

What Is The Definition Of Butt-Ending In Ice Hockey?

1. Butt-ending is an action that takes place when a player uses the shaft of the stick, located above the upper hand, to check an opponent or jab in any manner and results in a penalty.

A butt-end attempt still counts as a penalty even if contact is not made. 

What Is The Penalty For Butt-Ending?

Butt-ending is a major penalty that results in at least five minutes of penalty box time. If the butt-ending attempt is deemed intentional, it may result in a match penalty and removal from the game. Game misconduct penalties are sometimes awarded if the action is interpreted as harmful. 

Why Do Hockey Players Butt-End?

Butt-ending is often preceded by verbal altercations between players in an ice hockey match. These confrontations can lead to one’s use of the stick to jab the other player in retaliation. 

Example Of How Butt-Ending Is Used In Commentary

1. David Legwand, a famous center, faced disciplinary action from the league after a brutal and flagrant butt-end to Evgeni Malkin in a 2014 match between Detroit and the Pittsburgh Penguins. 

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Ice Hockey

Also Known As:

1. Spearing

Abbreviated As:

1. B.E.

Also See:

1. High Sticking


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