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What Is The Definition Of The Box?

What Is The Box In Football?

1. This is an area on the defensive side of the ball that is occupied by the linebackers and defensive lineman, usually totaling seven defensive players. The box is about five yards deep and will sometimes include an eighth player, referred to as bringing “eight in the box“, to help defend against the run.

What Is The Box In Baseball?

1. This is another term used to describe the batter’s box.

Examples Of How The Box Is Used In Commentary


1. With the offense only needing one yard for the first down, the Eagles bring an extra man into the box to help stop the run.


1. With the pitcher taking too long to deliver the pitch, Williams calls for time from the umpire and steps out of the box to take a few swings and use some time to gather himself.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:


1. Batter’s box

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