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call shot

What Is The Definition Of Call Shot In Billiards?

1. In billiards, players who call shot must state exactly how the ball is going to go into a pocket. If a player simply states which pocket the ball is going into, that is called call pocket. If the shot is made when a player calls pocket instead of a call shot, it is the next player’s turn. A call shot is standard for playing 8-ball.

To correctly do a call shot, a player must state all the steps the ball will take before it hits the pocket. If the ball bounces off the rail, another ball, or both, it must be stated before the shot. Obvious shots do not need to be called, but opposing players have the right to ask which shot the player is going for. Bank shots and combination shots always need to be called.

Example Of How Call Shot Is Used In Commentary

1. A rookie mistake made by Matt Edwards. He sunk his ball in the corner pocket before making a call shot, resulting in losing his turn to Jayson Shaw.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Billiards

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