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Center Eligible 

cen*ter el*i*gi*ble

What Is The Definition Of Center Eligible In Football?

1. A center eligible occurs when a team sets a unique formation on the line of scrimmage. The snapping player lines up on the end, which makes him an eligible receiver. Teams in the NFL typically do not use this play unless they are setting for a trick play. Center eligible is more commonly used at amateur levels because the unique formation may confuse the opposing team. 

Football has specific rules about which players are eligible and the formations set. Before a play, a team must have a particular number of players on the scrimmage line. These offensive linemen can be identified by their uniform numbers; their number must fall between 50 and 79. Trick plays and misdirection are typical during a center eligible since the offensive line is set unbalanced with the snapper on the side.

Example Of How Center Eligible Is Used In Commentary 

1. The Raiders line up on the field, but something is different. Their snapper, Rodney Hudson, is set on the outside, making him center eligible. Their quarterback, Derek Carr, throws him the ball for a first down.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As

1. Snapper eligible

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