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Chop Block

chop block

What Is The Definition Of Chop Block In Football?

1. This is a blocking strategy in which two offensive players block one defensive player. The first offensive player performs a regular block, then the second defender attempts to block the defensive player near the knees, or cut block, in order to take him down. Due to the increased risk of injury with this strategy, chop blocks have been banned from the NFL and results in a 15-yard penalty. In the NCAA, chop blocks also result in a 15-yard penalty.

Examples Of How Chop Block Is Used In Commentary

1. Johnson goes low on Watt, who was already engaged with the guard, and gets charged with the an illegal chop block. The penalty will bring the ball back, making it 2nd and 25.

2. The running back stays in the backfield and tries to help protect against the blitz, but he goes to low to the knees on the defensive and gets charged with a chop block.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

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