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Comeback Route

come*back route

What Is The Definition Of Comeback Route In Football?

1. A comeback route is a term used in football to describe a route where the receiver will run a specific amount of yards upfield, such as 10-yards, stops and immediately turns around towards the sideline and “comes back” towards the quarterback.

A comeback route can be any amount of distance, with the intention is to gain separation between the receiver and the defender.

Comeback routes are oftentimes called when the offensive team needs a first down and for the receiver to go out of bounds to stop the clock. Therefore, these routes will have wide receivers line up along the sideline, who will then run upfield the determined amount of yards, stop, immediately turn around and run towards the sideline at a 45-degree angle. The angle towards the sideline helps to keep the ball away from the defender in order to avoid an interception. This is the main difference between a curl route and a comeback route, as the comeback route is run along the sidelines, and when the receiver cuts back towards the quarterback, they will turn towards the sideline. A curl route is when the receiver cuts in towards the middle of the field.

Examples Of How Comeback Route Is Used In Commentary

1. Rice runs a perfect comeback route, sprinting upfield 12-yards, planting his feet and running back towards the quarterback, creating great separation with the defender and gaining the first down.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Comeback Route

The comeback route is primarily effective against a defensive back who is trying to protect against the fly route, or deep pass. Because they are giving the receiver some “cushion” in coverage, the receiver has the luxury of having a few yards of space between himself and the receiver. Once the receiver reaches their determined amount of yards upfield, it makes it hard for the receiver to protect against the timed pass, unless the defensive back is able to predict the route.

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