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What Is The Definition Of Cornerback In Football?

1. This defensive position in football covers the receivers of the opposing team by blocking passes and making tackles. Cornerbacks line up in the defensive backfield and are typically positioned out toward the sidelines. Players in this position must be very fast and agile, especially since they are matched up against speedy receivers.

On an average play, there are at least two cornerbacks on the field. In a nickel package, there are at least three cornerbacks on the field.

Examples Of How Cornerback Is Used In Commentary

1. The cornerbacks line up close to the line of scrimmage and will play in a press coverage.

2. With his excellent speed and awareness for the ball, Deion Sanders is one of the best cornerbacks in the history of the game.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Seen As:

1. Corner

Abbreviated As:

1. CB

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