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Crash Ball

crash ball

What Is The Definition Of Crash Ball In Rugby?

1. The crash ball is an offensive play in which a player who receives a pass attempts to draw two or more defensive players to “crash” to, with the goal of being tackled as they run with the ball towards the defensive line. As the defensive players start to tackle them, the player quickly throws away the ball to another open player on their team. 

Why Is The Crash Ball A Helpful Offensive Play?

The crash ball is a helpful play to run because the “crash” draws the defense towards that one player. By the defense focusing their attention on that one offensive player, it creates holes in their defensive line that allows other players on offense to get open and even make breaks down the field.

How Should The Offensive Player Run At The Defensive Line?

The goal behind the offensive player with the ball running at the defensive line is to get two or more defenders to go in for the ball. In order for that to happen, it is important that the offensive player runs at a gap in the defensive line.

This player should run toward a spot in the defensive line that is not directly occupied by a defensive player. With two defensive players on either side of the gap, the chances of both players “crashing” to the ball increase because both defensive players will feel responsible for covering that gap.

Does The Crash Ball Result In A Ruck?

The offensive player running at the defensive line with the ball has two main goals. The first is to gain as much ground as possible before getting tackled to the ground.

The other goal is to get the ball to a teammate before a tackle is called and a ruck is actually formed. To draw as many defenders as possible towards the ball, it is important to hold onto the ball as long as possible. Ideally, a ruck should appear like it is forming, but the crash ball should not result in an actual ruck.

Example Of How Crash Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. The All Blacks scored another point against the Eagles by executing a successful crash ball to allow full-back Damian McKenzie to slip past the defense to score.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rugby

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