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Cut Fastball

cut fast*ball

What Is The Definition Of A Cut Fastball (Cutter) In Baseball?

1. The cut fastball, also known as a cutter, is a type of pitch that travels at a high speed but breaks slightly to the side as it nears home plate. The ball will break towards the pitcher’s glove side (a right-handed pitcher’s cut fastball will break to the left, and vice versa). The cut fastball is used in the hopes that the batter will mistake it for a traditional fastball and any hit will likely result in a ground out.

Examples Of How Cut Fastball Is Used In Commentary

1. Rivera throws another nasty cutter into the hands of Klesko, breaking his bat upon contact.

2. The pitcher throws another cut fastball into the hands of the left-handed batter.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball

Also Known As:

1. Cutter

Abbreviated As:

1. FC

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