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Dime Defense

dime de*fense

What Is The Definition Of Dime Defense In Football?

1. The dime defense is a defensive package that is primarily used to protect against the pass. In a dime defense, the team fields six defensive backs, with the sixth defensive back being referred to as the “dimeback”.

This type of defense is usually only employed when it is in an obvious passing down, such as in 3rd and long. The team elects to bring in the quicker defensive backs to protect the extra receivers while removing linebackers.

Why Is It Called A Dime Defense?

Since a nickel defense is a reference to adding a fifth defensive back to the field, it gets it’s name from the U.S. currency coin the nickel, meaning five. With a dime defense bringing in a sixth defensive back and the next coin up in the currency chain being a “dime”, that is how the dime package received it’s name.

Example Of How Dime Defense Is Used In Commentary

1. And in these final seconds, the Packers will bring in the dime package in order to protect against the hail mary pass.

Also Known As:

1. Dime Package
2. Dime Formation

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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