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What Is The Definition Of Dink?

What Is A Dink In Volleyball?

1. This is when the attacking player lightly taps the ball over the net to an area on the opponent’s side of the court that is not being guarded or occupied by a defensive player. The intent of this soft, legal push of the ball is to get it past the blockers.

What Is A Dink In Tennis?

1. This is a soft return in tennis that has very little speed whose intention is to drop right over and close to the receiver’s side net.

Examples Of How Dink Is Used In Commentary


1. The setter tricks the defense and lightly dinks the ball over the net for an easy point.


2. The player uses a drops the ball right over the net with a backhand dink and picks up an easy point to take the game to 30-all.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Volleyball

Also Known As:

1. Fake Spike (Volleyball)

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