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Double Bonus

dou*ble bo*nus

What Is The Definition Of Double Bonus?

1. A double bonus is a situation in basketball where after a team commits its tenth team foul, the team that has been fouled will then be granted two free throws, regardless if it was a shooting foul or not.

In overtime, the double bonus is active after a team has committed its fourth foul in the overtime period.

A double bonus can be awarded in college (NCAA) basketball, but not in professional (NBA) games.

Example of How Double Bonus Is Used In Commentary

1. After that foul, Duke is now in the double bonus. With the team down by only four points, they have to play more cautious so that they don’t give their opponent anymore free throws and a chance to pull away.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Double Bonus

In college basketball, a team must be extra careful with the fouls they commit. However, on the flip-side, a college team may try to start drawing as many fouls as possible against a team who’s prone to fouling. For example, if the game is close or if a team has a lead, they may try to drive the lane more with the hopes of drawing a foul. If they’re able to get their opponent to reach their tenth foul early, then they will have the luxury of the double bonus. In addition, if their opponent is close to reaching their tenth foul, their opponent will more than likely not play as aggressive defense so that they don’t draw that tenth foul.

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