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Double Scull

dou*ble scull

What Is The Definition Of Double Scull In Rowing?

1. A double scull is a type of sculling boat in which there are two rowers total in the boat. Each rower has two oars, one on each side of the boat. Typically, there is no coxswain.

How Long Is A Double Scull?

The average length of a double scull is 34 feet. These boats are longer than a single scull but shorter than a quad scull.

How Much Does A Double Scull Typically Weigh?

The minimum weight of a double scull is 59.52 pounds. If a double scull does not meet that minimum weight, then dead weight (such as a sandbag) must be added to the boat. Failure to meet the minimum weight requirement can result in exclusion from the event.

Is A Double Scull Also A Pair?

While a double scull is rowed with a pair of rowers, the term “pair” is used to describe a sweep rowing boat and is not typically used to refer to a double scull. Some boats are designed in a way that they can be rigged as a double scull or a pair.

Example Of How Double Scull Is Used In Commentary

1. The finals of the double sculls race at the 2021 Henley Royal Regatta event took place on Sunday, August 15th.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

Abbreviated As:

1. 2x

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