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What Is The Definition Of A Dribble?

What Is A Dribble In Basketball?

1. This is a legal method of advancing the ball up the court by an offensive player. The player can only dribble the ball (or bounce the ball) with one hand and can either be standing, running or walking with the ball. Once the player pulls up their dribble and stops, they cannot start again, otherwise they will be called for a double dribble violation.

What Is A Dribble In Soccer?

1. This is a method of advancing the ball on the soccer field where the player controls the soccer ball by keeping it close to their feet and kicking it lightly.

Examples Of How Dribble Is Used In Commentary


1. Paul dribbles up court and dishes a perfect alley-oop to Griffin for the dunk.


1. Jones dribbles the ball up field, moves past the first defender then uses a back-heel kick to pass the ball to his teammate for a goal.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Basketball
2. Soccer

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