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What Is The Definition Of Drop-Ball In Soccer?

1. A drop-ball is a method of resuming play in a game. A designated player from the team that last touched the ball in play is chosen to receive the drop-ball; all other players must be at least 4 meters away. The referee drops the ball in the location where it was last touched. Once the ball touches the ground, it is in play and any player may touch it. A goal cannot be scored directly from a drop-ball (at least two players must touch it before a goal is scored).

Drop-balls rarely occur since stops due to normal gameplay, fouls, or misconduct are handled differently, like with a free kick. Some of the circumstances under which a drop ball may be used include a significant injury to a player, a defect in the ball, or interference from a spectator.

Examples Of How Drop-Ball In Is Used In Commentary

1. Now that Morales has been removed from the field following his injury, Ream will take the drop-ball at the restart of the game.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Soccer

Also Known As:

1. Dropped-ball

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