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What Is The Definition Of Eagle In Golf?

1. An eagle is a score that is two strokes under par on a hole (-2). An eagle is most common on a par-five hole that has a long fairway. If the player is able to hit the ball far enough, they may be able to reach the hole in just three strokes to score an eagle. An eagle is less common on a par-four. In rare cases, an eagle can be scored on a par-three with a hole in one.

The name for an eagle derives from the term birdie, which is used to describe a score that is one under par. Because two under par is a superior score, “eagle” was chosen to represent a larger bird. A double eagle is a score that is three under par (-3), though the term albatross is sometimes used for this score as well.

Examples Of How Eagle Is Used In Commentary

1. It looks like McIlroy is going for the eagle on this hole. Though he’s just outside the green, he’s going to attempt to chip it into the hole to complete this par-five in three strokes.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Golf

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