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Eight In The Box

eight in the box

What Is The Definition Of Eight In The Box In Football?

1. The box is an area where the linebackers and defensive lineman occupy on the field before a play, usually totaling seven players. When the defensive unit brings an extra player into the box, usually the strong safety, it is then referred to as “eight in the box” because there are now eight players occupying the area. The defensive team puts eight in the box to help gain an advantage to stop and defend against the run, but by doing so, it makes them more vulnerable to a pass play.

Examples Of How Eight In The Box Is Used In Commentary

1. With it being third down and only two yards to go, the Eagles put eight in the box to help stop the rush and prevent the first down.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

Also Known As:

1. Stacking the box

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