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What Is The Definition Of Ergometer In Rowing?

1. An ergometer is an exercise machine that measures work.

A rowing ergometer is the type of ergometer used predominantly in rowing, although there are multiple types of ergometers in the fitness world. The movement performed on a rowing ergometer stimulates the movement pattern of the rowing stroke on the water and therefore is used as a primary indoor training tool for rowers.

What Are The Parts Of A Rowing Ergometer?

There are many different parts to a rowing ergometer, including:

What Are The Two Types Of Rowing Ergometer?

A static rowing ergometer is one in which the seat moves up and down the rail as the rower pulls the handle from the flywheel and performs a rowing stroke and then returns to the starting position. The rower moves about the machine.

A dynamic rowing ergometer is one in which the machine moves about the rower. As a rower takes a stroke, the flywheel moves away from the rower on the rail while the seat movement on the rail is minimal.

What Are The Benefits To Using A Dynamic Ergometer Over A Static Ergometer?

The dynamic rowing ergometer is said to be more representative of rowing on the water because on the water, the boat and the rower are both moving. With a dynamic rowing ergometer, the flywheel also moves in addition to the rower moving.

Because there is more than one moving piece (the seat and flywheel), the dynamic rowing ergometer is also thought to cause a more fluid movement and therefore less stress on the knees and back. The multiple moving pieces of the dynamic erg also place a higher emphasis on body and core control because there is less stability. 

Why Are Ergometers Valuable Tools To Rowers?

Ergometers provide feedback via the display while someone is rowing on them. This feedback includes things like stroke rate, time, distance covered, power output, and projected completion time of a specific distance. Ergs quantify a rower’s ability to “pull hard” and can help show potential for which rowers are going to move the boat the fastest in the water. 

What Are Some Downsides To Using Ergometers As A Measurement Tool?

Rowing on an ergometer requires less technique than on the water. Therefore, rowing ergometer scores do not take into consideration a rower’s ability to execute both proper technique and power while on the water. There is also evidence that body mass plays two different roles on rowing ergometer performance and on-water performance. As a result, rowing ergometers may not be the best predictors of on-water performance for rowers.

Example Of How Ergometer Is Used In Commentary

1. When it snows and the water freezes over, rowers like Regina Salmons must train on the ergometer because they cannot go out onto the water.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

Abbreviated As:

1. Erg

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