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Expedite Rule

ex*pe*dite rule

What Is The Definition Of An Expedite Rule In Table Tennis?

1. This regulation in table tennis, also known as the Expedite System, begins after 10 minutes of gameplay and fewer than 18 total points have been recorded, or whenever all players have agreed to it.

Once the system starts, each player takes turns serving for one point. The opponent who does not serve must make 13 returns in a row to win the point. If they do not make 13 consecutive returns, the point is given to the server. This rule stays in place for the rest of the match.

This guideline is used to reduce the time of the match and is best utilized by defensive-oriented players.

Examples Of How The Expedite Rule Is Used In Commentary

1. The match between Xin and Maze has officially gone past 10 minutes and now, the Expedite Rule has been enacted. Look for the advantage to go Maze to win the match, as this fits his defensive style of play. He is one of the best returners in table tennis.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Table Tennis

Also Known As:

1. Expedite System

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