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What Is The Definition Of A Face Mask Penalty In Football?

1. This is the protective cage or grill that is on the front of a football helmet.

2. This is a penalty in football when a player grabs another player’s face mask, usually it being the defender while in the act of tackling. When a team is called for a face mask in the NFL, they are given a 15-yard penalty and the opposing team gets an automatic first down.

One thing to note is that the face mask penalty, applies to any opening on the helmet, not just the face mask. This means that if a player grabs a helmet through the ear hole, they can be charged with a face mask violation.

Examples Of How Face Mask Is Used In Commentary

1. Thomas makes a great tackle behind the line of scrimmage, but got too much of the player’s face mask, so he’ll be charged with a 15-yard penalty and the offense will get an automatic first down.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Face Mask

The face mask penalty is used to help protect players from injury in the event that the “face mask” of their helmet is pulled upon. Regardless if the player grabbed their face mask intentionally or incidentally, they will be given a 15-yard penalty and their opponent gets an automatic first down. In high school football, if a face mask is incidental (or accidental), then they will only receive a 5-yard penalty.

In the past, the NFL also had the incidental penalty, but did away with the rule prior to the 2008 season.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Football

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