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Fair Ball

fair ball

1. What Is The Definition Of Fair Ball In Baseball?

When a batted ball first lands on the ground or touches a fielder between the foul lines that run along the first and third base lines, it is considered a fair ball. If the ball leaves the field before touching anything, it is counted as a fair ball as long as the point where it left the field is between these boundaries. Each foul line starts at home plate and ends at a foul pole located in left and right fields.

The umpire makes the call on whether a ball is fair (within the foul line boundaries) or foul (outside the foul lines). If it’s fair, it is considered a live ball, and the batter can try to run to first base and subsequent bases until the ball is dead.

Examples Of How Fair Ball Is Used In Commentary

1. The ball looked to be going foul then skidded just to the left of first base, so Rizzo seemed surprised when the ump called it a fair ball.

Sport The Term Is Used:

1. Baseball

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