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First Base

first base

What Is The Definition Of First Base In Baseball?

1. First base is the first of four locations that a player must touch in order to score a run in baseball. On defense, the first baseman occupies the area around first base and also covers the base in the case that a force out is eligible at first base. In addition, the first baseman will be position directly on the bag if a pitcher is attempting to hold a runner on first base.

If a batter reaches first base successfully, the next location they must advance to is second base. First base is located on the right side of the field in front of the visiting team’s dugout.

Example Of How First Base Is Used In Commentary

1. Altuve lines a shot into the left-center gap and will round first on his way to second base for a stand-up double.

Also Seen As:

1. 1st Base

Also Known As:

1. First

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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