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What Is The Definition Of Flick-On In Soccer?

This skill involves moving the ball to another player with only a single touch. Rather than stopping the ball, the player receives the ball and with a swift, single motion, passes it to another player on the team by either redirecting it or giving it added momentum. A flick-on can be completed with any part of the body (except the hands or arms), but it is most commonly used to refer to a touch from the foot or head. It is frequently used in set pieces, although it may also occur in regular gameplay.

Examples Of How Flick-On Is Used In Commentary

1. The flick-on from Smith sent the ball straight to his teammate in front of the goal.

2. The quick flick-on confused the defender and allowed for a breakaway by Bowman.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Soccer

Also Know As:

1. Flick

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