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Foot Stretcher

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What Is The Definition Of Foot Stretcher In Rowing?

1. The foot stretcher is the plate to which the shoes for that seat are attached.

The plate, foot stretcher, and shoes are all affixed to the boat and are not taken out every time a rower gets in and out. The foot stretcher can be adjusted to accommodate for the different heights of rowers that may sit in that seat.

Why Are Foot Stretchers Adjusted?

Foot stretchers affect the amount of compaction and reach at the catch, or the catch angle. They also affect the amount of room the rower has to clear the oars at the finish. The optimal place for the foot stretcher for one rower is not going to be the same for another rower because compaction and reach can change based on a rower’s height and flexibility.

What Is The Ideal Foot Stretcher Position?

The ideal catch angle allows the rower to have their outside hand on the oar at or near the gunnel for optimal reach. The shins at the catch should also be vertical, but not past vertical. That puts them in an optimal position for force and power generation. 

How Do You Adjust The Foot Stretcher Position?

The position of the foot stretcher can be changed by loosening the two side wingnuts. Once the wingnuts are loosened, the foot stretchers can slide along the groove until they are in the correct position. Then, the wingnuts are tightened back down.

Example Of How Foot Stretcher Is Used In Commentary

1. When Kathleen Noble switched into her new single scull, she had to make sure her foot stretcher was adjusted to fit her.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Rowing

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