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Formula Racing

for*mu*la rac*ing

What Is The Definition Of Formula Racing In Motorsports & Car Racing?

1. Formula racing refers to motorsport road racing involving open-wheeled, single-seater vehicles. Each formula refers to a different class of racing series with its own specific regulations. Internationally, Formula One is the best known and most highly regarded of these racing classes, but there are also several other categories, including Formula Two and Formula Three.  In the U.S., the IndyCar series is another type of formula racing.

The name for formula racing stems from the regulations or “formulae” applied for that category. In open formula racing, drivers can choose the chassis and engine they prefer. Control formula racing (also known as “spec” formula) requires a specific chassis and engine make, such as Formula BMW or Formula Ford.

Examples Of How Formula Racing Is Used In Commentary

1. Making it to Formula One is the pinnacle of a driver’s career due to the high level of competition and lucrative sponsorship opportunities.

Sports The Term Is Used:

1. Motorsports & Car Racing

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