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Foul Pole

foul pole

What Is The Definition Of Foul Pole In Baseball?

1. This is at each edge of the outfield to help mark off where the fair playing field ends. There is a foul pole in the left field and right field corners and is colored yellow to help make them easily visible for the umpires.

Examples Of How Foul Pole Is Used In Commentary

1. He swings and hits the ball down the left field line and hits the foul pole for a home run.

SportsLingo Goes The Extra-Inch With The Meaning Of Foul Pole

The foul poles are used as markers to help determine if a ball is in fair territory. However, if a ball hits the foul pole it is considered to be in fair territory and the batter is then awarded a home run, regardless if the ball falls back into the field.

The color of the foul pole is yellow to help track the ball, which is white, in case it goes behind or in-front of the pole.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Baseball
2. Softball

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