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Four-Man Bobsled

four man bob*sled

Definition Of Four-Man Bobsled

1. A four-man bobsled is a vessel (bobsled) that holds no more than four athletes at one time during a single run down the course.

A four-man bobsled measures 3.8 meters (about 12 feet) in length and weighs no more than 463 pounds (210 kilograms) when empty. The maximum weight of this sled is 1,389 pounds (630 kilograms) when it is loaded with crew and equipment.

The four-man bobsled crew consists of the pilot, a brakeman and two side pushers. As far as speed, four-man bobsleds tend to reach higher speeds on the track than that of two-man bobsleds.

The main difference between a four-man bobsled and that of a two-man bobsled is that the four-man sled has two additional side pushers.

Examples Of Four-Man Bobsled

1. The team of four will load into the four-man bobsled and will try to see if they go fast enough to earn a medal. With their two side pushers having a background in track and field, they may give the team the extra push they need at the beginning of the race.

Sports The Term Is Used

1. Bobsled

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