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Front Handspring

front hand*spring 

What Is The Definition Of Front Handspring In Gymnastics?

1. A front handspring is a forward 360-degree revolution of the body where the gymnast starts and finishes on their feet. It involves three components—a lunge, handstand and block—and is considered one of the foundational movements in the sport.

On What Events Can A Front Handspring Be Performed?

A front handspring can be performed on vault, floor or beam. In elite gymnastics, the front handspring typically occurs in a sequence of other moves.

How Do You Do A Front Handspring?

The key to a front handspring is generating and maintaining momentum. The other key is to maintain a tight core throughout. A front handspring is performed using the following steps:

  1. Generate power for your front handspring by performing a hurdle, or small single leg hop, off of the ground while raising your arms up above your head. The leg used to hop on should be the leg you usually use to kick up to a handstand with.
  2. Land from the hurdle in a lunge position, with the leg you took off from the hop on in the back landing first quickly, followed by the other leg landing in front.
  3. Drive your arms (that still should be above your head) and upper body to the ground. At the same time, your back leg should be initiating the kick of both legs into the air.
  4. Land in a handstand position with eyes on your hands and arms close to your head.
  5. Keep driving your heels forward from the handstand position as you block off the ground with your hands. A block should be initiated via the shoulders and should include no arm bend.
  6. Continue to drive the heels forward and legs straight as you flip back upright to land on your feet.

What Are Some Drills To Improve A Front Handspring?

The following drills can be used to help someone improve their front handspring:

Example Of How Front Handspring Is Used In Commentary

1. In the team finals at Tokyo, Grace McCallum performed a front handspring to a front double full.

Sport The Term Is Used

1. Gymnastics

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